Pet Services & Supplies in Carlisle, Cumbria
Pet Services & Supplies in Carlisle, Cumbria We have over 15 years of experience - now is for you. We are headed by people who genuinely care about the quality of every customer`s experience - and who have a passion for pets. As a breeder of dogs have learned to know what is most important and best for your pet. Take the highest quality products and service. We offer: dog & cat food, chews, supplements, grooming, health care, brushes, combs, shampoo, hygiene, treats, biscuits, conditioners, bowls, accessories, toys, dod and cat traveling... You can find brands such as: FITMIN (dog/cat food, supplements, chews), ZOLUX (shampoo, brushes, accessories), KHARA (shampoo, hygiene), FRANCODEX (hygiene, health care), etc. Pet Supplies will send to Your home, anywhere in the UK. On the Carlisle (Cumbria) delivery is free. Details of offers and promotions can be found on the website.
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